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Our 28-35mm Sci-Fi scenery are still available... for a short time!

The campaign is InDemand, which means it still accept orders or contributions with the original conditions: Launch price and goal rewards. But this will be stopped just when it raise to €24,000. From then, Iron Battlefield will be relaunched, in limited quantities, with a shorter delivery time compromise, and a little higher price (more or less 30%). Then, if you are a Space Hulk, Infinity, Warhammer 40.000 or any Sci-Fi wargame lover, don´t miss this oportunity!!

¡¡The most realistic scenery for wargames with the best price!! On this page you will find everything you need to create the most spectacular gameboard for your battles. If you are a wargame lover at this website you will find a wide range of parts for your gameboard, from modular game boards, to a growing range of accessories such as hills, rock formations, rivers, fortifications, etc ...

Our main goal is to provide playing fields lifelike with best price. For that reason, all our items are of our own design and manufacture, made primarily in polyurethane resin, subsequently hand painted and mounted, and sold directly to the customer. Being thus quality components and finished with the best possible price. In addition, for most artists, offer our designs ready to paint, and interesting materials for amateurs to the scenery and models.

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Known depth our Roll-up Surfaces.

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EnCobertura.com Creación de escenografía y tableros modulares para wargames.